Premium medical billing providers in the US? The resources and expertise of Medico Billing make a difference in your profitability by helping you to cut costs by as much as 15% while helping to drive revenue. With the services we provide our partners, we are able to free up time for your office staff and the doctor to help them focused on patient care. Working with Medico Billing enables you to exponentially reduce Account Receivables, increase patient-base, improve collections, while at the same time significantly reduce your personnel cost. We act as part of your office, working with your staff each day to insure a smooth running operation. Discover additional info on medical billing company in the US.

Complete medical coding services with comprehensive command over ICD and CPT codes and modifiers. Our medical billing and medical coding for physicians is imbued in the process optimization with an accurate transcription of diagnosis and the procedures performed. Medical coding is the process of accurately transcribing the clinical data, diagnosis, and procedures performed into codes. Medical coding services companies like Medico Billing coding for practices enabling them to complete the billing cycle and collections.

A team that completes the credentialing details and submits it to commercial Insurances, Medicare and Medicaid, as requested by healthcare physicians. Medico Billing team Physician Credentialing Services ensure compliance with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS. Our medical billing and credentialing services ensure that all follow-ups are performed properly for a smooth enrollment. Create and update CAQH & PECOS credentialing portals.

In addition to patients, your business success depends on operational strategy and efficiency, and as well as comprehensive software. We see many offices searching endlessly for “the” software that will streamline their office procedures to free them up to focus on their patients. The issue is this: There is no software that can do all of this. At Medico Billing, this is where we direct the attention of our most successful clients: This model enables you to exponentially reduce account receivables, increase patient-base, improve collections, and at the same significantly reduce your personnel cost by streamlining their practices. Read extra details at

AR (Accounts Receivable) is a term refers to tracking claims, chasing revenue collection, and compiling a record of cash flow. AR is vital for health practices to follow-up the claims submitted and with the insurance companies, for revenue recovery optimization. How much should I be charged for medical billing services? The percentage that you will be charged is usually governed by the variable e.g. the types of medical procedures, the tax rate in your state, and the volume of patients. On average it’s 7.9% of the whole accumulated medical revenue. Some companies offer no setup fee but some charge from $250 to one thousand.